Tads Training

Behavioural Health Training

TADS for business

TADS training utilising the formula of the TADS Brief Opportunistic Interaction (BOI) and the TADS PACT  communication tool, was designed initially for primary health care practitioners  but has expanded to any occupational groups working in roles that require lifestyle behavioural interactions to assist people to make healthy behavioural choices.

“It was like waking up to how it is for the patient on the receiving end,”
General Practictioner of 30 years.

If you think your current patient interaction is working well, consider these realities:

Do people prefer to shy away from discussing their unhealthy behaviours rather than talk openly with their doctor or nurse? More often than not.

Are there better and more ideal opportunities to reach these patients during the course of their general practice appointments? Again, more often than not.

Can these interactions improve long-term and holistic patient wellbeing? According to many patients who have been offered this approach the answer is yes.

Can all this be done without overloading practice resources, time and budgets? Yes, and can even produce a more proficient, efficient and cost effective system.

How important is early prevention? It's the future. Most countries are now at the point where they've decided to focus on preventative instead of reactive strategies but are unsure as to when the next big leap will be. Get in early, learn with TADS.

Book your organisation into a TADS training programme - your staff will become better acquainted with better intervention into behavioural change facilitation, you will learn how to better utilise staff time to maximise better patient partnership and of course, improved long term patient health tops this off.